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What Is Mountainyoga

Mountainyoga was founded in 2003 by Gyan Giri, a Chinese guy from Beijing who decided to go after the heart instead of other drives in life, with an initial motive to share with others a view of the metropolis away over the Fragrant Hill mountains, who borrowed, rented a courtyard and decorated it in simple styles which grow into the very first yoga retreat centre in China. Mountainyoga has made through various difficulties over the years, though it will always adhere to its principles of sharing and non-profit.

cultivates a passion for living yoga among new beginners and experienced yogis by offering one-day and multi-day retreats that combine yoga with life and cultural activities such as hiking, camping, drumming, writing Chinese caligraphy, painting,etc. Our retreats bridge the transformational qualities of the outdoors and nature with the inner work of a yoga practice. Our participants return home feeling rejuvenated and inspired to explore and reveal their full potential.

At Mountainyoga, we recognize our responsibility as a global citizen and we have implemented practices to reduce our environmental impact.

Carbon Offsets - encourage participants to use public transportations instead of previous shuttle buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling - we recycle paper, plastic, metal and so on, and separate out recyclables from our retreat trash.

Energy Efficiency - The solar water heaters, we use fans instead of A/C, and low-mercury CFL and LED bulbs provide energy-efficient lighting.

Environment - we build compost at out camp, and ask all participants to bring back trash they produced and despose of properly

Mountainyoga invites you to experience:
weekend yoga retreat camps
weeday personal yoga retreats
corporate retreats
yoga vacations
Taichi,Zen and Tao workshops
cultural and art workshops

Mountainyoga is for Everyone
Mountainyoga does not postulate any political or religious beliefs. It provides everybody, regardless of social background, with tools for health, peace of mind and an inspired vision for their lives. People who practise yoga here are of all ages, levels of fitness and come from many walks of life. Mountainyoga is a home for everyone.

Mountainyoga is non-profit oriented. All income will be used in maintenance, improvements and payback of debts. Being the first and still the only dedicated yoga retreat centre in China Mountainyoga has always been facing survival challenges. Donations are highly appreciated and will help Mountainyoga's growth and in turn benifit more people.

Support Mountainyoga
- participating in our retreats and workshops
- (yoga teachers) volunteer teaching or hosting workshops at Mountainyoga
- recommending Mountainyoga to your friends
- buying small gifts or yoga props at Mountainyoga Gift Shop - every piece is hand-made by Gyan and his staff, or
- making a donation through Paypal's secure online transaction:
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