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Volunteering - Working and living at Mountainyoga

Mountainyoga is a non-profit oriented organization dedicated to the development of yoga in China with a holistic approach. With one retreat centre in Fragrant Hills of Beijing the capital, and another holistic retreat centre by the Yulong Snow Mountains near a famous town Lijiang, we are the only dedicated yoga retreat organization in China. All of our centres rest in the natural beauties. Volunteers will have a chance to teach or work in different settings.

Mountainyoga bears heavy debts, and always faces financial difficulties. Mountainyoga does not aim for profit, but wishes to survive and develope, to benefit more people. Teaching at Mountainyoga is volunteer based though you get free accommodation and food. Mountainyoga offers opportunities to qualified yoga teachers all around the world to stay and teach for short or long terms, to host workshops or lectures to share their knowledge of yoga.

Yoga Workshops
Workshops are open to International teachers. You are welcome to host workshops on yoga or relevant subjects at Mountainyoga's centres.

Art Workshops
Yogi artists are invited to host art workshops, exibitions, and any yoga-spiritual-art related programs. Please contact us for details.

Short or Long term teaching
International yoga teachers are welcome to teach at Mountainyoga for a short period of 2-8 weeks or longer period. Teaching will not be paid but in return these teachers get accommodation and vegetarian food in Mountainyoga. It is the best way for a yoga teacher travels and experience Beijing in a yogic way. Long-term teachers may be arranged with a sponsored teaching tour to another Chinese city. Language exchange classes will also be arranged. If you are interested in exploring deep into the rich Chinese culture this is the best opportunity.

volunteer Kirtanist, keyboard musician,guitar player and drummer
every Saturday at Mountainyoga there is a Kirtan session. If you are familiar with Kirtan and can lead a group chanting, or keyboard, guitar and drumming for Kirtan, please join our list of volunter Kirtanist.

Other volunteer opportunities
There are some spaces for budget traveling sanyasins, yogis or vegetarians to work at Montainyoga as volunteers in exchange for accomondation, food, and yoga activities. They need to pay a nominal fee of 800RMB for the first month to cover some basic costs, and they should work to help with cleaning, assist in teaching, organizing or work on other assignments.

Any volunteer specialised in construction, decoration, organic farming, wholistic retreat centre building are welcome to the Snow Mountain Retreat because it is a new centre and require a great amount of work to be done.

* Only non-alcoholic and non-smoker volunteers will be considered.

Many thanks to these teachers who have helped the growth of Mountainyoga:
Devananda Giri
Amy Kokoska
Hope Weiner
Hilary Smith
Cathleen Chang
Ariana Wu
Peter Pettigrew
Deva Shakti
Mary Chen He arem

Michael Ulrich
Mark Thilrwall
Roman Pavlis
Swami Satyadharma
Swami Omteertha
Swami Kriyatma
Heiky Zhao Mingjun
May Gu Limei
Shao Tianze

Huang Yiling
Zang Junyan
Sun Xiumei
Yang Xiaoqian
Wang Liuxia
Zhou Caijian(Joy)
Rob Hou
Rebecca He Jingping
Shen Mujin
Gao Junying
Wang Bi(Amy)
Wade Winchell
Linda Hu
Xiao Fang
Fu Zhen
Ma Yaochong
Tian Jin
Wang Xueli
Wang Yun
Lorri Miller
Li Li
Lion, Lai Ming
Li Qiang
Lin Xiaolan
Li Fengqi
Peng Tingting
Bi Juan
Guo Cui
Zhang Xiao
Sunny, Xiangli
Ada, Han Xinyi
Zoe, Liu Yunfei
Huang Ailing
Zhang Liting
Anna Kolacny
Stephanie Leddington
Satmukh Singh
Chen Jie
Ren Zhen
Yu Lei
Xu Qing
Sven Sommermeyer
Pranthip May
Xia Xiaoxiong
Liu Yongming
Si Xiaoyong
Xu Su
Lorin Jardelo

please write to Gyan Giri at this email address: gyangiri@vip.sina.com


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